Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Partying with Limerick Prostitutes

 Some friends and I were attending a party of a friend of a friend in Limerick and we were immediately taken with how beautiful all of the women were at the party. They were all beautiful, like models, and after surveying the situation we assumed that the host of the party must have hired the models to serve as eye candy for the guests. He was very well to do and we assumed that he had the funds to do this. While the guys that I came with went and mingled with some of the other guests I took some interest in one of the models. I chatted with her for a few minutes and learned that her name was Ewa. She was a brunette, with long legs, curves in all of the right places, and an amazing personality. I enjoyed talking with her for awhile and immediately noticed how friendly she was, even touchy feely.

In what seemed like minutes, but was probably more like 45 minutes I leaned in and kissed her and was surprised that she leaned in and kissed me, too. She put one hand behind my head and pulled me into her, kissing me deeply. I pulled back in surprise and sort of looked around to see if anyone was taking any notice, but no one seemed to mind, so I turned back to her and began kissing her again. We started touching and feeling and she asked, “Do you want to go to one of the bedrooms so we can have some privacy?" I thought this was too good to be true, so I looked her in the eyes to see if she was serious, Um, sure. I said. I got up and followed her to one of the bedrooms.

When we entered the bedroom she closed the door behind us and she grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. I surveyed the length of her body and couldn't believe that this girl would actually want anything to do with me. I am not ugly, but I certainly wasn't the best looking guy at the party. As we got near the bed she turned around, reached for the button on my jeans, and then unbuttoned them and began to remove them expertly. Feeling as though I should do something I reached out to her and helped her remove her blouse, her bra, her skirt, and her pants. She was even more breathtaking when she was nude and I sat there appreciating her for several moments. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me forward onto her as she lay back onto the bed.

The hot model reveals she is a Limerick Prostitute

Lying on top of her I suddenly felt a bit awkward, as this was simply too easy. I finally asked after kissing her neck “What is a model like you doing with a guy like me" She laughed airily and then said as she ran her nails down my back, I am not a model, I am an independent Limerick escort. I was hired to keep people like you entertained while at the party! It all suddenly clicked in my head why she was so beautiful, yet so forward and willing to play around sexually. Though I can't explain why, when she said this it suddenly gave me permission to have a good time, so I reached down and cupped her breast in my hand, ran my tongue around her nipple, and then entered her gently.

Cumming inside the Limerick Prostitute

When I entered the Limerick prostitute she gasped, and then moaned a bit, digging her nails into the skin on my back. I then began to thrust harder and a bit more rhythmically. She kept moaning and gasping, which was turning me on all the more. Wanting to prolong the experience as long as possible, I pulled out of her and then turned her over, so that she was on all fours. I spanked her bottom and then entered her, pulling her hips into me. My Limerick Escort let out what had become a familiar moan and I began thrusting harder, spanking her softly every now and again. The harder I thrust the louder she would moan and soon I could tell that she was coming close to climaxing. In an attempt to climax with the Limerick Escort I began to move in and out of her more quickly and just as she began to orgasm I did to, both of us moaning loudly with pleasure for several minutes. When we were both satisfied I pulled out of her and we both dressed quietly.

Watching the other Limerick Prostitutes at play

When we were both dressed she moved toward me and kissed me again. “That was great”, she said, and then kissed me again. I followed her out of the room and we made our way back out into the party. There were more people in attendance now, and I looked around and realized that there were a lot of busty Limerick escorts that were here to entertain the guests. My eyes were opened to things going on at the party that I could have never even guessed about before. As if we hadn't even know one another, the Limerick Escort made her way out into the crowds of guests, simply giving me a wink as she walked in the opposite direction as me. I found my friends, relayed to them the stunning events, and spent the rest of the evening trying to determine if it had really happened or if I had been day dreaming.

I came in contact with the Limerick escort a few more times that night, and each time she would simply smile or wink at me, as if it was our secret that she was a beautiful, busty Limerick escort. I had to admit I was intrigued by the way she carried herself and how she was simply able to have sex and keep on working. I had to laugh as I looked around and saw all of my friends talking to women that were just as beautiful as Ewa, and now so obviously Limerick prostitutes.

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