Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Anal Sex - Stag in Limerick

My best friend Christopher is getting married next month. Three weeks ago I organised an amazing stag party, in Limerick for him and the lads.  Christopher didn't want to hold the stag party in Cork , so I searched the net for Stag Parties in Ireland and came across a great site called under their Limerick nightlife section, I discovered a wonderful link to
On their website I saw gorgeous Limerick Escorts of all ages, sizes and colour, I knew that the lads wouldn´t be able to resist the company of these Limerick Escorts. The more I looked at the website, the more I felt like a kid in a candy store. Some of the Escorts in Limerick were incredibly sexy, dressed in knee high boots and really short skirts. In fact, the way I was feeling, the sluttier dressed the better. Eventually I found two Irish Escorts based in Limerick and one German Escort. They had small perky tits, perfect little asses and tight bodies. The idea of gang banging these beautiful women in our hotel room really got me turned on, and I knew Christopher would be delighted.  I booked a few hotel rooms in Limerick, and made arrangements with these beautiful Limerick Escorts to visit our hotel on Saturday night.

Our night of Anal sex in Limerick

I informed the lads about my pans, but we kept Christopher in the dark about the Limerick escorts. We drove up to Limerick in two cars and arrived around 11am, went for a game of paintball, later in the evening we went out in the town. Christopher and the lads chatted a few hot bitches, but didn't get very far. We went back to our hotel around 11:30 pm and had a few late drinks in the hotel bar and then and only then did we informed Christopher. When Christopher heard about the Limerick Escorts his face lit up like a young child who had just received an amazing present from Santa. At 1am the three hot Limerick Escorts walked into the lobby, wearing high heels boots, miniskirts and tank tops. We quickly greeted them and brought them up to Christopher's room. 

Christopher choose  Anna, the German escort and quickly started having Anal Sex with her, which is one of his favourite positions and obviously one of hers by the response he was getting. He started slow, leaning forward to kiss her and played with her nipples. He then began to speed up holding her by the hips and caressing her ass. Soon he was fucking her really hard and fast.  I could hear her moaning heavily and her hand began to clench holding the covers as she orgasamed.  When he was ready to cum, she let him shoot it all over her face. 

Niall & Paddy had Anal Sex with the two, Irish Escorts, while I recorded the lads on my cam recorder. This was one Stag party the boys will never forget !  I could hear the Limerick Escorts moaning heavily and this drove me nuts, so I put the camera on a stand and joined Christopher. I started Rimming Anna and finger fucking her. She sucked my dick and licked my balls. I reached down and fondled her smooth ample breasts, slowly rubbing her nipples. Anna guided my cock inside her, and it slid easily in her now soaking wet pussy. She worked her body up and down my cock. I could hear her moaning as she kissed me, sensing that she was nearing orgasm. Her body shook, as I felt her cum run down my cock and onto my balls. This was too much for me, and I immediately felt my cum rising inside me and shooting deep inside my Limerick Escort while Christopher looked out with a massive grin on his face.

As soon as I finished ,she immediately  took Christopher’s dick in her hand and slid her pussy down on it . She started pushing herself up and down on it, while he fondled with her tits. He pulled her down towards himself so that he could kiss her and suck her nipples. She began breathing heavily and moaning slightly. He rolled her over so that he was on top and put her legs behind her head and started thrusting fast. He repeatedly blow the load in her while I looked out with a massive grin on my face.

Eventually I went over to Niall and Paddy and we took turns doing the Irish escorts, doggy style. The headboards were banging off the wall, and soon all you could hear were the ESCORTSIN LIMERICK moaning as they repeatedly orgasamed.  The next morning the room stuck of cum Christopher didn’t mind as he had the best time of his life. We checked out around 12 pm and drove back to Cork after an unforgettable night of Sex in Limerick.


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