Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Anal Sex - Stag in Limerick

My best friend Christopher is getting married next month. Three weeks ago I organised an amazing stag party, in Limerick for him and the lads.  Christopher didn't want to hold the stag party in Cork , so I searched the net for Stag Parties in Ireland and came across a great site called under their Limerick nightlife section, I discovered a wonderful link to
On their website I saw gorgeous Limerick Escorts of all ages, sizes and colour, I knew that the lads wouldn´t be able to resist the company of these Limerick Escorts. The more I looked at the website, the more I felt like a kid in a candy store. Some of the Escorts in Limerick were incredibly sexy, dressed in knee high boots and really short skirts. In fact, the way I was feeling, the sluttier dressed the better. Eventually I found two Irish Escorts based in Limerick and one German Escort. They had small perky tits, perfect little asses and tight bodies. The idea of gang banging these beautiful women in our hotel room really got me turned on, and I knew Christopher would be delighted.  I booked a few hotel rooms in Limerick, and made arrangements with these beautiful Limerick Escorts to visit our hotel on Saturday night.

Our night of Anal sex in Limerick

I informed the lads about my pans, but we kept Christopher in the dark about the Limerick escorts. We drove up to Limerick in two cars and arrived around 11am, went for a game of paintball, later in the evening we went out in the town. Christopher and the lads chatted a few hot bitches, but didn't get very far. We went back to our hotel around 11:30 pm and had a few late drinks in the hotel bar and then and only then did we informed Christopher. When Christopher heard about the Limerick Escorts his face lit up like a young child who had just received an amazing present from Santa. At 1am the three hot Limerick Escorts walked into the lobby, wearing high heels boots, miniskirts and tank tops. We quickly greeted them and brought them up to Christopher's room. 

Christopher choose  Anna, the German escort and quickly started having Anal Sex with her, which is one of his favourite positions and obviously one of hers by the response he was getting. He started slow, leaning forward to kiss her and played with her nipples. He then began to speed up holding her by the hips and caressing her ass. Soon he was fucking her really hard and fast.  I could hear her moaning heavily and her hand began to clench holding the covers as she orgasamed.  When he was ready to cum, she let him shoot it all over her face. 

Niall & Paddy had Anal Sex with the two, Irish Escorts, while I recorded the lads on my cam recorder. This was one Stag party the boys will never forget !  I could hear the Limerick Escorts moaning heavily and this drove me nuts, so I put the camera on a stand and joined Christopher. I started Rimming Anna and finger fucking her. She sucked my dick and licked my balls. I reached down and fondled her smooth ample breasts, slowly rubbing her nipples. Anna guided my cock inside her, and it slid easily in her now soaking wet pussy. She worked her body up and down my cock. I could hear her moaning as she kissed me, sensing that she was nearing orgasm. Her body shook, as I felt her cum run down my cock and onto my balls. This was too much for me, and I immediately felt my cum rising inside me and shooting deep inside my Limerick Escort while Christopher looked out with a massive grin on his face.

As soon as I finished ,she immediately  took Christopher’s dick in her hand and slid her pussy down on it . She started pushing herself up and down on it, while he fondled with her tits. He pulled her down towards himself so that he could kiss her and suck her nipples. She began breathing heavily and moaning slightly. He rolled her over so that he was on top and put her legs behind her head and started thrusting fast. He repeatedly blow the load in her while I looked out with a massive grin on my face.

Eventually I went over to Niall and Paddy and we took turns doing the Irish escorts, doggy style. The headboards were banging off the wall, and soon all you could hear were the ESCORTSIN LIMERICK moaning as they repeatedly orgasamed.  The next morning the room stuck of cum Christopher didn’t mind as he had the best time of his life. We checked out around 12 pm and drove back to Cork after an unforgettable night of Sex in Limerick.

Partying with Limerick Prostitutes

 Some friends and I were attending a party of a friend of a friend in Limerick and we were immediately taken with how beautiful all of the women were at the party. They were all beautiful, like models, and after surveying the situation we assumed that the host of the party must have hired the models to serve as eye candy for the guests. He was very well to do and we assumed that he had the funds to do this. While the guys that I came with went and mingled with some of the other guests I took some interest in one of the models. I chatted with her for a few minutes and learned that her name was Ewa. She was a brunette, with long legs, curves in all of the right places, and an amazing personality. I enjoyed talking with her for awhile and immediately noticed how friendly she was, even touchy feely.

In what seemed like minutes, but was probably more like 45 minutes I leaned in and kissed her and was surprised that she leaned in and kissed me, too. She put one hand behind my head and pulled me into her, kissing me deeply. I pulled back in surprise and sort of looked around to see if anyone was taking any notice, but no one seemed to mind, so I turned back to her and began kissing her again. We started touching and feeling and she asked, “Do you want to go to one of the bedrooms so we can have some privacy?" I thought this was too good to be true, so I looked her in the eyes to see if she was serious, Um, sure. I said. I got up and followed her to one of the bedrooms.

When we entered the bedroom she closed the door behind us and she grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. I surveyed the length of her body and couldn't believe that this girl would actually want anything to do with me. I am not ugly, but I certainly wasn't the best looking guy at the party. As we got near the bed she turned around, reached for the button on my jeans, and then unbuttoned them and began to remove them expertly. Feeling as though I should do something I reached out to her and helped her remove her blouse, her bra, her skirt, and her pants. She was even more breathtaking when she was nude and I sat there appreciating her for several moments. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me forward onto her as she lay back onto the bed.

The hot model reveals she is a Limerick Prostitute

Lying on top of her I suddenly felt a bit awkward, as this was simply too easy. I finally asked after kissing her neck “What is a model like you doing with a guy like me" She laughed airily and then said as she ran her nails down my back, I am not a model, I am an independent Limerick escort. I was hired to keep people like you entertained while at the party! It all suddenly clicked in my head why she was so beautiful, yet so forward and willing to play around sexually. Though I can't explain why, when she said this it suddenly gave me permission to have a good time, so I reached down and cupped her breast in my hand, ran my tongue around her nipple, and then entered her gently.

Cumming inside the Limerick Prostitute

When I entered the Limerick prostitute she gasped, and then moaned a bit, digging her nails into the skin on my back. I then began to thrust harder and a bit more rhythmically. She kept moaning and gasping, which was turning me on all the more. Wanting to prolong the experience as long as possible, I pulled out of her and then turned her over, so that she was on all fours. I spanked her bottom and then entered her, pulling her hips into me. My Limerick Escort let out what had become a familiar moan and I began thrusting harder, spanking her softly every now and again. The harder I thrust the louder she would moan and soon I could tell that she was coming close to climaxing. In an attempt to climax with the Limerick Escort I began to move in and out of her more quickly and just as she began to orgasm I did to, both of us moaning loudly with pleasure for several minutes. When we were both satisfied I pulled out of her and we both dressed quietly.

Watching the other Limerick Prostitutes at play

When we were both dressed she moved toward me and kissed me again. “That was great”, she said, and then kissed me again. I followed her out of the room and we made our way back out into the party. There were more people in attendance now, and I looked around and realized that there were a lot of busty Limerick escorts that were here to entertain the guests. My eyes were opened to things going on at the party that I could have never even guessed about before. As if we hadn't even know one another, the Limerick Escort made her way out into the crowds of guests, simply giving me a wink as she walked in the opposite direction as me. I found my friends, relayed to them the stunning events, and spent the rest of the evening trying to determine if it had really happened or if I had been day dreaming.

I came in contact with the Limerick escort a few more times that night, and each time she would simply smile or wink at me, as if it was our secret that she was a beautiful, busty Limerick escort. I had to admit I was intrigued by the way she carried herself and how she was simply able to have sex and keep on working. I had to laugh as I looked around and saw all of my friends talking to women that were just as beautiful as Ewa, and now so obviously Limerick prostitutes.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Sarah and Michael are married  6 years, but they're relationship has been shaky for the last 2 years. They went to marriage counselling but didn't find it helpful. One evening Sarah was at home alone watching Doctor Phil, interview a German couple who praised regular COUPLES SEX for reviving their once shaky marriage. Sarah was so inspired by their story, she looked up for LIMERICK ESCORTS offering COUPLES SEX and was pleasantly surprised to see several cute Limerick Escorts offering this service.

When Michael returned from Newcastle West, she greeted him with a big juicey kiss and a warm cup of tea, after a few minutes of chit chat, she nervously asked him if he would like to try Couples Sex, in Limerick. At first Michael taught she only having him on, but soon realised she was for real when she showed him the hot Limeick Escorts on . They both reviewed the site and picked a  fit, young French escort with very massive boobs; primarily for Michael, although Sarah loved the idea of messing with girls boobs too.  They quickly booked a hotel in the town for the night and made arrangements with the escort agency to meet Nina their Limerick Escort  at 11pm in their hotel bar. On their way to Limerick Sarah booked two tickets for a local theatre show.

The two of them had good night in the theatre and had almost forgotten all about Nina their Limerick Escort. It wasn't until they entered the foyer of their hotel that they remembered and snickered at each other as they saw a stunning woman sitting in the bar looking around as though she was a little lost. Nina their Limerick Escort was just as Sarah and Michael had imagined she would be. She was around her mid to late twenties, well groomed and dressed beautifully in a low cut little black dress with a pair of lovely long high heels. This sexy Limerick Escort had seriously big boobs and a killer smile; her smile was so infectious and both Sarah and Michael couldn't help smiling like Cheshire cats as they approached her fine fit body.

When they finally got to their hotel room, which didn't take long after a couple of drinks, the Limerick Escort Nina wasted no time at all getting down to business. Michael began by undressing his big boobed Limerick Prostitute, wasting no time in taking off her cute little black evening dress to reveal a very sexy pair of hold up, silk stockings beneath. He felt like a small boy opening his Christmas presents. When he glanced over to Sarah his eyes met hers and they both smiled. Sarah was in her element watching Michael like this and when she saw the expression on his face when he finally laid his hands on those perfect, big natural boobs she started to take off her own clothes in order to get in on the action.

It didn't take long before the three of them joined together on the bed and turned into one big sprawling mess of limbs as they groveled and climbed on top of each other. Michael had oral and Anal sex with both ladies and cumed in borh of their months, Sarah sat on Nina face and enjoyed a good lick out.  Since their last visit to Limerick city Michael and Sarah marital problems have largely disappeared and now this happy couple enjoy regular Couple Sex sessions in Limerick.

Cumming inside a Limerick Escort

It wasn´t on my mind when I set off that morning to Galway, but as I browsed the net on my mobile phone, I came across an Irish Escort, website  and couldn’t resist taking a look at it. on their website I saw gorgeous  Limerick Escorts of all ages, sizes and colour, I knew that I wouldn´t be able to resist.

I was nearly home in Limerick only another 20 minutes left, and I would be there. Since I had turned 40, my sex drive had shot through the roof but my wife´s hadn´t, and I knew that it was going to be another night of no sex. The more I looked at the website, the more I felt like a kid in a candy store. Some of the Escorts in Limerick were young, dressed in knee high boots and really short skirts, they looked pleasing to this sex starved man. In fact, the way I was feeling, the sluttier dressed the better. I had passed the point of no return, it was now just the matter of picking which Limerick Escort  that I was going to stick my throbbing cock into.

Eventually I saw a dark , short haired Limerick Escort , wearing a short silver skirt and thigh high black boots. I had to have sex! I had visited Limerick prostitutes and knew the routine fairly well. I rang her up, and was delighted to hear she was available and was located in a hotel on the Dublin Road. I quickly made my way to the hotel and parked my arctic lorry in their car park. My Limerick Escort was located in room 44 on the second floor, I knocked on her bedroom door and was greeted with a lovely smile, and an amazing sexy body. We spoke for a few minutes and I handed her over the money, she popped it into her bag and took out a condom.

Then she leant over to my seat and proceeded to unzip my jeans. In one move, the Limerick Escort pulled them down along with my boxers. Luckily, my cock was standing at full attention and a smile came across her gorgeous face. Before I could ask her name, she leant over further and placed her lips near to my rock hard cock. First she licked the tip whilst working my balls with her hand, before gradually easing it further and further into her mouth. My Limerick Escort  sucked, slowly at first, then speeding up, taking me all the way in. I reached over and placed my hand under her skirt, and started to rub her soft smooth ass. She stopped, looked me in the eyes, and reached back pulling her skirt higher up, revealing her skimpy black thong. It rode deep into her ass, and I carried on stroking it, as she returned to the job in hand, of sucking me off.

With the sight of her sexy Limerick Escort, ass and the feel of her hot lips around my cock, I felt myself nearing a orgasm. I stopped her, and she smiled again, and placed the condom on my cock. Then the Limerick escort swung her leg over my lap, so that we were nearly face to face, reached down with her hand and guided my cock inside her wet pussy. The Irish escort  then leant forward and began kissing my neck, as I continued to caress her ass. Again she started off slowly, letting my cock almost leave her pussy, pausing at the top before plunging down hard. I was in heaven, and forgot that she was only doing her job. I wanted it to go on forever, but after 5 minutes, began to feel the cum building up inside me. My Limerick Escort must have sensed this, and speeded up. She began to moan, as I exploded inside her. Again I knew it was probably all part of the act, but what an act it was. It was an oscar performance! My Limerick Escort climbed off of me, reached down and took off the condom, full with my cum. She smiled at me and asked me if it was ok, to which I replied “Yes, it was amazing”.